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Got a question? We have put together a list of our most frequently asked questions we hope will be of some use to you. If you are unable to find an answer to your question here, please feel free to get in-touch with us using the options below.

General is a simple but fun platform whereby users are encouraged to briefly describe a past or present crush with the ultimate aim of allowing friends (and even your crush) to guess the identity through the means of questioning before the timer expires.

Users are required to guess a crush identity by entering a name, however be aware that you are only permitted ONE guess per submission, so make sure it counts!

Fun Fact: Names of crushes are not made public onced guessed successfully, meaning if you want to know who it is, YOU have to guess it before anyone else does.
Put simply, we're all nosey, inquisitive creatures! At some stage in our lives we all have a crush, and we all like to know who interests them - is it you? provides you with a way of discovering your secret admirer, or revealing who yours is in an entertaining way.

Your Account currently utilizes Facebook as an exclusive form of registration as it helps with a number of important features, such as;

  • Quick Registration & Profile Setup - No forms to fill out, with the click of a button you can register yourself on Additionally, we automatically pull relevant information from your Facebook Profile to be used here (Picture, Email, D.O.B, Gender, Location).

  • Friend Integration - If one of your Facebook friends submits a crush to, you will automatically see it once you log in to your account.

  • Nuisance Behavior - Should your account be terminated from for breaking our Terms & Conditions, the only way you will find yourself logging back in is if you decide to create a brand new Facebook account and add all your friends again. It's a lot of work only to be banned again, isn't it? Simple deterrents such as this will help us cut out bullying and trolling.

Future updates will include additional social network integration such as Twitter, however we'll announce this closer to the time.
Absolutely. Whilst logged in to your account, simply visit your Profile, click on Info and Delete My Account.
If your account has been banned from using, it usually means you have broken our Terms & Conditions. Unfortunately this decision is final and there is no appeals process in place to reverse such decisions.


We make it easy for you to report inappropriate content to try and ensure is a fun (and safe) place to visit. Currently, User Submitted Questions and Crush Submissions have the ability to be reported by registered users who are logged in.

The report feature is clearly marked for you to use whilst using the website. Please explain your reasons for reporting specific content when prompted and do NOT abuse the system.

All reported content is submitted for manual review by a member of staff who will have the final decision in removing any content we deem inappropriate. Persistant offenders who continually look to cause a nuisance will find their accounts terminated.
IMPORTANT We take all forms of bullying, harassment and online abuse very seriously. is intended to be a fun, safe, and secure place to visit, however as with any online-based platform it attracts nuisance individuals who's sole intention is to spoil this fun for others - we want to reduce this as much as possible.

If you feel you are the victim of trolling, bullying or nuisance behavior on, here's a couple of important steps for you to take:

  • Report any and all inappropriate content. This could be a User Profile, or a User Submitted Question. Report buttons are clearly marked on various stages throughout the website for your use, please also clearly explain why you are reporting any specific content.

  • If you are finding yourself to be the victim of a sustained and targeted attack over a long-period of time, please Contact Us immediately.

  • Record (Log down) any and all bullying (trolling) attempts. Whilst we keep specific data on record for safety precautions, detailed logs can help in serious circumstances.
With modern day technology, greater support from authorities around the world and your input, online abuse will not go unpunished. Anonymity will not protect any user(s) who use as a platform to cause harm to others, in serious cases details will be forwarded to the relevant authorities without warning or notice to offenders.


You have ONE guess per listing, meaning you have to make it count!
Yes, you may anonymously guess a crushes name.
Absolutely not! The only folks who will know your crushes name is you, and the user who guessed it successfully (if at all).
Not to worry! If your submission ends and no one has successfully guessed who your crush is, you have two options available to you:

  • Re-list your crush - Simply re-list your crush, using the same details as before.

  • Keep it a secret - If you would rather keep it a secret afterall, simply select "Keep it a secret", this will result in your listing being closed permanently and not available for users to view ever again.
This largely depends on how long the listing is scheduled to last for. Time remaining is clearly visible on each crush listing.
All users are required to wait 24 hours on new listings before submitting a guess, this allows plenty of time for questions and gives you the best possible chance of guessing correctly!
Oops, you have to be quick! Once a crushes name is guessed, you have no real way of finding out who it was (or who guessed it correctly).
This could be due to a couple of things:

  • Guess delay - All users are required to wait 24 hours on new listings before submitting a guess, this allows plenty of time for questions.

  • You aren't answering questions, or not appropiately enough - Ensure you are answering your questions and providing guests with enough information to make them want to take a guess, remember they only have one opportunity to get it right!

  • People don't know about your crush listing. - Share it on Facebook to make people aware! Simply visit your crush listing and click on 'Share' to do so.


Once you have asked a question, it is sent for review to the user who submitted the crush. This is just to ensure that any offensive or sentitive content that may be included is not made public immediately and can be reported to the moderation.

If your question is relevant, it will be answered and made public for guests to view.
When you receive a new question from a guest, you will be notified and asked to review it's content - you have 24 hours to review a question before it's automatically deleted.

This is just to ensure the question isn't offensive and contain sensitive information (people's names, addresses, phone numbers, etc). If you are happy with the question, simply answer it the best you can and submit it for your guests to view.

If you feel the question is inappropriate and asked only to cause harm, please report it immediately and let us handle the rest.
Yes, guests are allowed to ask questions anonymously.

Please be aware that users who abuse this feature and look to cause unnecessary harm or distress to others will be permanently removed from
You can ask 3 questions per submission, make them count!
You are only permitted 3 questions per submission, so it's important to make them count - you must also decide if posting anonymously or publicly using your profile will provide you with an advantage.

Here's some questions to get you started:

  • Do I know your crush?
  • When did I last see your crush?
  • Do you know your crush personally?
  • When did you last see your crush?
  • How old is your crush?
  • How long have you known your crush?
  • Can you describe what your crush looks like?
Use your imagination and be the first to guess correctly!
Nobody is asking you questions because they don't know about your crush listing, share it on Facebook to kick things off!

To share it on Facebook, visit your crush listing and click on 'Share'.


Absolutely. To disable Email notifications simply visit you're profile page, click on Info and navigate to the Email Notifications section. Simply click on Disable - done!

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